Italian Industrial Black Metal legion ABORYM have premiered the first new song from their upcoming album "Shifting.negative", in the form of a music video. The band's seventh studio album is set to be released on January 25th via Agonia Records. Check out the "Precarious" video below.

The band recently revealed an impressive list of names behind "Shifting.negative", including Sin Quirin of Ministry and Guido Elmi of Vasco Rossi fame. The band also unveiled the full trackilsting and cover, made by French artist David Cragne (Asymetric Entity).

The new album has been engineered by Emiliano Natali (Fear No One Studios), Teo Pizzolante (Braingasm Lab) and Luciano Lamanna (Subsound Studios). In the near future it will be mixed and mastered by Grammy-award winning Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound Studios (Lou Reed, John Zorn, Mike Patton) in New York.

Guido Elmi (Vasco Rossi's legendary producer & manager) has been revealed as the post-production sound supervisor behind "Shifting.negative".

Fabban comments: "We are working with a real professional, a true legend, probably our biggest fan and a great friend. Please join us in welcoming mr. Guido Elmi. No need to say Guido is Vasco Rossi’s producer & manager over the past 30 years and he has worked as producer with dozens of artists including Stadio, Skiantos, Gaznevada, Steve Rogers Band, Clara & Black Cars and many others. Today he's also a singer and songwriter".

"Shifting.Negative" track listing:

  1. Unpleasantness		 
  1. Precarious
  2. Decadence in a Nutshell
  3. 10050 Cielo Drive
  4. Slipping Through the Cracks
  5. You Can't Handle the Truth
  6. For a Better Past
  7. Tragedies for Sale
  8. Going Places
  9. Big H
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