ARKONA’s debut album "Vozrozhdenie", was originally released in 2004 and firmly placed both the band and its Russian mother country on the Pagan/Folk Metal map. Frontwoman Masha’s powerful performance plus Slavic mysticism and varied songwriting turned the first release (its name means “revival”) of young ARKONA into a success and the beginning of a remarkable career.

The band has now re-recorded "Vozrozhdenie" and truly revisit their roots. The re-recording of "Vozrozhdenie" let’s those old songs shine with a massive production and new instrumental skills.

The re-recorded Vozrozhdenie will be released on November 11th. Pre-orders will be available shortly.

"Vozrozhdenie" track listing:

  1. Kolyada
  1. Maslenitsa
  2. K domu Svaroga
  3. Chernye vorony
  4. Vozrozhdenie
  5. Rus’
  6. Brate slavyane
  7. Solntsevorot
  8. Pod mechami
  9. Po zverinym tropam
  10. Zalozhny
  11. Zov predkov
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