Swedish Metal freakshow AVATAR have unleashed another visually stunning music video, with longtime director Johan Carlén at the helm, for their next single, "Night Never Ending".

"It's is a special song, being probably the most upbeat and, dare I say, happy piece we've ever released," says frontman Johannes Eckerström. "But under the surface of the fragile message of hope and fighting spirit it is little more than a prelude to a tragedy and that is what we set out to capture when we decided to make a video for it.

"It is very close to my heart for being the one video where there is no "rocking out" going on and we get to capture a side of AVATAR that is just as integral as the good, headbanging times we love sharing with our supporters all around the world. There are few things in this world as beautiful and fascinating as contrasts and this is what all of "Feathers & Flesh" is all about. Hope and tragedy."

"Feathers & Flesh" track listing:

  1. Regret
  1. House of Eternal Hunt
  2. The Eagle Has Landed
  3. New Land
  4. Tooth, Beak & Claw
  5. For the Swarm
  6. Fiddler's Farewell
  7. One More Hill
  8. Black Waters
  9. Night Never Ending
  10. Pray the Sun Away
  11. When the Snow Lies Red
  12. Raven WIne
  13. Sky Burial
  14. I've Got Something in My Front Pocket for You
  15. Det är alldeles försent
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