The obscure Polish cult of BATUSHKA presents a video for their psalm "Yekteníya IV Milost" from their highly appraised 2015 album "Litourgiya", released by Witching Hour Productions

Zev Deans / Panorama Programming (Ghost, Portal,Chelsea Wolfe) is responsable for the visuals and animation.

"Litourgiya" track listing:

  1. Ектения I: Очищение
  2. Ектения II: Благословение
  3. Ектения III: Премудрость
  4. Ектения IV: Милость
  5. Ектения V: Святый вход
  6. Ектения VI: Уповане
  7. Ектения VII: Истина
  8. Ектения VIII: Спасение

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