Hungarian Black Metal horde BORNHOLM have released a lyric video for "Bloodstorm", a track off their new album, "Primaeval Pantheons", released last week via Massacre Records. Watch the new clip below.

"Primaeval Pantheons" was recorded, produced and mixed by Viktor "Max" Scheer (Ektomorf, Sear Bliss, Rise, Forest Silence) at Pannonia Studio and mastered by Paul Ericksen (Scorpions, Pete Townshend) at Paul Ericksen Recordings. The cover art for "The Primaeval Pantheons" was created by P├ęter Sallai / Mortpaintgraphics (Sabaton, Hammercult, Civil War, Nothgard, Lonewolf).

Together since 2000, BORNHOLM have released three full-length albums as well as several EPs. In live news, they've shared the stage with Skyforger, Thyrfing and Skogen. After a few lineup changes, BORNHOLM now features: vocalist / guitarist Sahsnot, guitarist Attila, drummer D and bassist Carrion (ex-Tormentor).

"Primaeval Pantheons" track listing:

  1. Eye of Knowledge
  1. Atavism
  2. Runes of Power
  3. Old
  4. March of Saturn
  5. Iron Crown
  6. Seventh Reign
  7. Bloodstorm
  8. Imperium (Divus Rex)
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