Red Fang

RED FANG have a history of clever videos and that continues with the release of their latest effort, "Shadows" which just debuted at Funny or Die. The band reunited with director Whitey McConnaughy for the video which finds an ordinary camping trip in the woods turning into a Predator-like fight for survival.

Singer/guitarist Bryan Giles says, "It was a crazy adventure through the woods in rural Oregon. It has stunt men, real firepower and some great explosions! We had a blast on this one.” The video starts with the guys unknowingly running afoul of a pair of comic book enthusiasts before heading out to the forest. But once there, their cooler mysteriously starts to leave the camping area with the guys in hot pursuit, only to find a Predator-like creature has lured them into a fight for survival. Watch it all play out in an over-the-top manner in the video above."

The video marks the sixth collaboration between the band and McConnaughy, who started off the partnership on 2010’s "Prehistoric Dog" video and continued through the zombie-themed "Blood Like Cream" clip in 2013.

"Shadows" is the second track to be released off the band’s forthcoming album "Only Ghosts". The band worked on the album with producer Ross Robinson and it’s currently on schedule for October 14 via Relapse Records.

"Only Ghosts" track listing:

  1. Flies
  1. Cut It Short
  2. Flames
  3. No Air
  4. Shadows
  5. Not For You
  6. The Smell of the Sound
  7. The Deep
  8. I Am a Ghost
  9. Living in Lye
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