American / Swedish Death Metal band ARMAGEDDON re-recorded their classic album "Crossing The Rubicon" and released the new version on October 14th. The track "The Juggernaut Divine" is streaming below.

Guitarist Christopher Amott said about the track: "To me this is a blistering, old-school melodic, thrash metal track. It's got all the elements I like in a heavy metal song: speed, aggression, heaviness, melody and of course guitar solos that will blow your mind! To me it feels like an old classic already. What can I say? If you won't like this song you probably don't like metal!"

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Produced by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Göteborg, Sweden, ARMAGEDDON’s debut album was originally released in May 1997. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, "Crossing The Rubicon" really generated waves when it came out, probably one of the most accomplished Swedish metal debut albums ever released.

Christopher Amott remembers: "The creation of the whole project was a collaboration between me and Michael (Christopher’ brother now playing in Arch Enemy). We are both sci-fi fans. The album is a concept album about the destruction of the planet, and the escape and subsequent adventures of the earth’s survivors. Apart from the obvious metal influences, we were also looking towards bands like YES and Rush for the conceptual progressive rock feel of the 70s - hence our decision to give each member a solo track. Michael and I were less than thrilled when the movie Armageddon came out a year after ARMAGEDDON’s debut. It was also a crap movie."

"Crossing the Rubicon (Revisited)" track listing:

  1. 2022
  1. Godforsaken
  2. The Juggernaut Divine
  3. Astral Adventure (The Escape)
  4. Funeral in Space
  5. Asteroid Dominion
  6. Galaxies Away
  7. Faithless
  8. Children of the New Sun
  9. Into the Sun
  10. Nothing Is Nothing
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