It's been five long years since CONDENADOS' cult debut album "A Painful Journey Into Nihil", but at long last, the wait is over: on January 13th, 2017, the Chilean doom-lords return with their highly anticipated second album, "The Tree of Death"! And today, CONDENADOS premiere the haunting, NSFW video for "Demon's Head". For over a decade now, CONDENADOS have been expertly crafting ancient, '80s-style European DOOM METAL that's proud and pure, poignant and provocative, and everything that made "A Painful Journey Into Nihil" a scene classic is amplified here on "The Tree of Death". Descend into the darkness of CONDENADOS with the video for "Demon's Head", whose theme addresses the adverse effects of playing with black magic without having the knowledge of the art.

The lumbering grooves, the transcendent lead work, the emotive vocals, even a newfound swagger, and just the consistently bursting energy across their forlorn stomp...CONDENADOS are reverential of the form, but masters all the same. As such, "The Tree of Death" is very likely to appeal to fans of classic Candlemass, old Cathedral, the UK's Solstice, compatriots Procession, and even those who worship Bathory's Viking era. And at six songs in a swift 35 minutes, CONDENADOS succinctly make their point and compel repeat spins of "The Tree of Death".

Musically and aesthetically, "The Tree of Death" has strong symbolic art that manifests the most basic instincts of human beings, lyrically channeled through Goetia's demonology. The cover art was crafted by esteemed Italian artist Paolo Girardi, who has worked with such bands as Manilla Road, Inquisition, Cauchemar, and Blasphemophager among others. The artwork for "The Tree of Death" is already being acclaimed across social media networks as one of the most incredible works done by Girardi.

"The Tree of Death" features special appearances of well-known metalheads like Olof Wikstrand, vocalist of Sweden's Enforcer, who was in charge of the mixing and mastering process. Also, the recording of the album took place in Equinox Studios in Rancagua, Chile, assisted by the guitarist and vocalist of Wrathprayer and Oraculum.

"The Tree of Death" track listing:

  1. Star of Punishment
  1. The Lamb
  2. Burn
  3. Demon's Head
  4. Sea of Fire
  5. Marchosias Oath
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