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Today, death thrash cult CRUCIFIED MORTALS stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album "Psalms of the Dead Choir". The album is released on October 28th via Hells Headbangers

One of the best-kept secrets of the long-fertile Cleveland metal scene, CRUCIFIED MORTALS have been quiet-yet-prolifically perfecting their craft since 2001. Under the steely resolve of founder/mastermind Reaper, a handful of demos and splits culminated in CRUCIFIED MORTALS' critically acclaimed debut album. Released in 2011 and simply self-titled, this debut album largely introduced the band to the wider, international metal scene, proving that they're one of the hungriest and most charismatic deathrashing metal bands around. But as much as CRUCIFIED MORTALS was a highlight for the band, a decade after its formation, it will now be eclipsed by "Psalms of the Dead Choir".

In many ways, "Psalms of the Dead Choir" is both a consolidation of CRUCIFIED MORTALS' considerable strengths and a fresh new start for the band. Whereas CRUCIFIED MORTALS featured a then-full lineup, here on "Psalms of the Dead Choir", Reaper handles all vocals, guitars, and bass and is once again joined by Ash Thomas (Shed the Skin, Vladimirs, Faithxtractor) on drums, who's manned the CRUCIFIED MORTALS skins for the last five years. Together, they explode forth with the trademark deathrash for which the band's built a steady name in the metal underground. Immediately memorable but never relying on rote verse/chorus formula, there's a narrative flow to CRUCIFIED MORTALS that's heightened by Reaper's fierce and clearly enunciated vocals, telling twisted tales of macabre horror and fiendish deeds - and compelling instant headbanging. And yet, for however feverish the attack may be across these Psalms, there's a newfound sense of nuance and dynamics, largely spurred on by the dramatically twisted guest guitar solos of Sauron's Lore Lord. As a whole unit, CRUCIFIED MORTALS breathe new life into thrash-intensive death metal (or death-intensive thrash?) that hasn't sounded this vital since classic Deceased or even the early days of Carnivore, Rigor Mortis, and Hobbs' Angel of Death.

A statement from Reaper reads: "Starting with darker imagery - for this genre - we put a lot of focus on doing unique and/or fresh ideas with "Psalms of the Dead Choir", from different guitar amps on virtually every song, numerous vocal effects to establish a different surrounding, to deeper meanings behind otherwise straightforward lyrics. There's a lot to analyze for the in-depth listener, but it is straightforward and ripping for those looking to jam out."

Order "Psalms of the Dead Choir" here

"Psalms of the Dead Choir" track listing:

  1. {
  1. Traitor
  2. Behind The Lurid Mask
  3. Dusk Of The Advent
  4. Ominous Creatures
  5. Into Eternity
  6. Kill Upon Command
  7. Hideous
  8. Bringer Of Death
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