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ENTOMBED A.D. drops a horrifying new video for the title track off their newest album, "Dead Dawn". Zombies will attack, so hold on to your brains!

Guitarist Nico Elgstrand comments on the video: "Finally a serious video without the usual nonsense often associated with metal these days. This one has depth and a very important message that we think is overlooked in today's media climate. Anyone with half a brain will stop with whatever they're doing and realize that we must take a stand against these unjust accusations that metal is for stupid people, that's simply not true and this video we think portrayed it beautifully! Enjoy this fine release that will leave you enchanted and content that you're a thinking individual with exquisite taste and that ENTOMBED A.D. is telling it like it is, uncensored and amazingly with superior subtlety and finesse!!"

"Dead Dawn" track listing:

  1. Midas in Reverse
  1. Dead Dawn
  2. Down to Mars to Ride
  3. As the World Fell
  4. Total Death
  5. The Winner Has Lost
  6. Silent Assassin
  7. Hubris Fall
  8. Black Survival
  9. Not What It Seems
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