Art of Propaganda sets February 13th, 2017 as the international release date for GLOSON's highly anticipated debut album, "Grimen". Earlier in 2015, GLOSON's originally self-released "Yearwalker" EP was reissued by Art of Propaganda to widespread critical acclaim. Although post-metal might be a very millennial creation, with peaks and valleys of creativity across an expansive spectrum, "Yearwalker" proved that fire still rumbles down below and newcomers can still offer new twists on an oft-tired subgenre. But now, with the release of "Grimen", GLOSON show that not only was that EP not a fluke, but more so that powerful, poignant art can emerge from humble beginnings and that "post-metal" is merely a springboard for bolder, more daring excursions into the beyond.

The first glimpse into GLOSON's "Grimen" comes in the form of a special lyric video for the track "Cringe", which can be viewed/heard below.

"Grimen" was mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions, one of the men behind Cult of Luna. The cover artwork was done by Ogino Design.

"Grimen" track listing:

  1. Prowler
  1. Fabulist
  2. Antlers
  3. Cringe
  4. Specter
  5. Embodiment
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