French eco metallers GOJIRA have released an official video for "The Shooting Star". The track is taken from their latest album "Magma", released via Roadrunner. See the new clip below.

Joe Duplantier told Full Metal Jackie in a recent interview: "The Shooting Star" is a much moodier piece than the rest of "Magma" and it sets up a perfect atmosphere to be shattered by the unrelenting groove and lyrical mantras of "Silvera". I’m really glad that I was able to express myself and to write and to come up with atmospheres and melodies and direction to this album while I was in that process. It was really helpful. Every album is a page we turn in our life and very therapeutic. Real therapy for us, this music. It all makes sense in the end, it’s like steps in life and that’s one more step."*

The video itself explores primordial landscapes from somewhere in the universe. A lonely figure explores these areas while footage of GOJIRA performing cuts in and out. A mysterious, seemingly omniscient face floats throughout many scenes of the clip, leaving viewers to ponder exactly what it represents.

"Magma" track listing:

  1. The Shooting Star
  1. Silvera
  2. The Cell
  3. Stranded
  4. Yellow Stone
  5. Magma
  6. Pray
  7. Only Pain
  8. Low Lands
  9. Liberation 
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