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German Metal veterans GRAVE DIGGER have released a lyric video for "Call For War", a track from their upcoming album, "Healed By Metal", out on January 13th via Napalm Records. Watch the video below!

The band about "Call For War": " "Call For War"… a banger in best GRAVE DIGGER tradition, simple and energetic - if it catches you once, it won’t let go of you anymore. Don’t try to run and hide… the refrain will haunt you everywhere… there’s no escaping. "Call For War"… a statement against war and oppression!!!"

"Healed By Metal" track listing:

  1. Healed By Metal
  1. When Night Falls
  2. Lawbreaker
  3. Forever Free
  4. Call For War
  5. Ten Commandments Of Metal
  6. The Hangman's Eye
  7. Kill Ritual
  8. Hallelujah
  9. Laughing With The Dead
  10. Kingdom Of The Night (Digipack bonus)
  11. Bucket List (Digipack bonus)
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