Heaven Shall Burn

German extreme metallers HEAVEN SHALL BURN have released a cinematic video for "Passage Of The Crane", a track from their new album, "Wanderer", released September 16th via Century Media. The new video, directed by Michael Winkler for Iconographic, can be seen below:

Check out a synopsis that gives you the background story for each song on "Wanderer" here.

"Wanderer" track listing:

  1. The Loss of Fury
  1. Bring the War Home
  2. Passage of the Crane
  3. They Shall Not Pass
  4. Downshifter
  5. Prey to God
  6. Agent Orange (Sodom cover)
  7. My Heart Is My Compass
  8. Save Me
  9. Corium 
  10. Extermination Order	 
  11. A River of Crimson 
  12. The Cry of Mankind *(My Dying Bride cover)*
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