Heimdalls wacht

German Black Metal band HEIMDALLS WACHT will release their new album "Geisterseher" on October 14th via Trollzorn Records.

The album was produced at renowned Stage One Studio with Andy Classen (Krisiun, Asphyx, Belphegor) and offers the band’s best material to date with a professional sound standard which doesn't conflict with their true old-school underground attitude. Furthermore the new and second singer Skjeld (Nytkalgia) pushes the boundaries of the former HEIMDALLS WACHT sound to a new dimension with his scene known extreme vocals.

HEIMDALLS WACHT’s lyrical concept is thus of the utmost importance to the band – and to be sure, so is the music, which comes along in a most distinctive and expressive blend: on the basis of raw and at the same time melancholic and melodic Black Metal, a number of stylistic influences have entered the sound throughout the years, from Folk and Doom, via progressive and melodic Classic Metal, through Thrash and Death Metal. This unique approach has earned the group a great many loyal fans from countries as diverse as France and Russia, or Canada and Italy, who never cease to travel long distances in order to see the band perform on stage. Despite being under-represented in the media (a partly self-chosen move) and ignored by the mainstream, HEIMDALLS WACHT has sold thousands of CD’s, cassette tapes, and vinyl records, as well as loads of further merchandise articles. This is remarkable due to the fact that HEIMDALLS WACHT consequently misses nowadays seemingly necessary aspects to get a bigger audience and reputation: they are lacking the zeitgeist to present well produced computer generated sounds, the "professional" delusion of perfectionism and the superficiality that seems to be a trademark of todays scene. Nevertheless: the band has played a good deal of major concerts and co-headlined festivals alongside such Black Metal masters as Lord Belial, Marduk, Ancient Rites, and many more.

"Geisterseher" track listing:

  1. Spökenkieker
  1. Wir sind die Wächter
  2. Der kommende Gott (Treffen mit Sabazios)
  3. Scyomantia - Der Thron im Schatten
  4. Tairach
  5. Taedium Vitae
  6. Anderswelt
Heimdalls wacht album