Dutch Black Metal Punks HERETIC have released a retro video for "Godless Masters, Savage Bastards", a track from their album "Underdogs of the Underworld", released by Ván Records last May. Watch them pay tribute the Rock 'n Roll gods below.

The HERETIC maniacs are back to a three-piece since bassist Jimmy Blitzer (URFAUST, BOTULISTUM, FLUISTERWOUD, PLANET AIDS) left in September.

"Underdogs of the Underworld" track listing:

  1. Burn the World
  1. Blitzkrieg in Black
  2. Overlords of Sleaze
  3. Black Metal Punks
  4. Hellbound Doomslut
  5. Sexkommander
  6. Godless Masters, Savage Bastards
  7. Nuclear Pussy
  8. Raw Infernal Bitchfuck
  9. This Angel Bleeds Black
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