infernal angels

After a three year wait, Italian Black Metal horde INFERNAL ANGELS will release their fourth full-length album, "Ars Goetia", on January 20th. An album teaser is streaming below.

With "Ars Goetia", their tribute to the Kings Of Hell, the band come back via My Kingdom Music for their most obscure and intransigent album, a black/death metal vortex, a must for all fans of Dark Funeral, Belphegor, Mor Dagor, and Mgla.

The cover art was created by the band's guitarist Apsychos.

Special guests on the album will be three great characters of the Italian scene, Mancan from Ecnephias, Lorenzo Sassi from Frostmoon Eclipse and Snarl from Black Faith, who add new and obscure facets and atmospheres to the songs.

"Ars Goetia" track listing:

  1. Amdusias: The Sound Of Hell
  1. Vine: Destroyer Of The World
  2. Asmoday: The Impure Archangel
  3. Purson: Matter And Spirit
  4. Bael: The Fire Devour Their Flesh
  5. Paimon: The Secret Of Mind
  6. Balam: Under Light And Torment
  7. Zagan: The Alchemist
  8. Belial: The Deceiver
  9. Beleth: Lord Of Chaos And Spirals
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