doomsday kingdom

Candlemass legend Leif Edling’s new solo project THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM have signed with Nuclear Blast. The label will re-release of the band’s demo EP "Never Machine" on November 25th, and in March 2017 their debut album will "crawl up from the catacombs to finally see the light of day".

Leif Edling states: "We are very happy to announce that THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM has now signed with the German label Nuclear Blast! There have been whisperings from the underworld this year that something great is about to happen, and today we can proudly reveal that the dead has risen again to deliver a motherfucker of an album!"

Pre-order "Never Machine" here

"Never Machine" track listing:

  1. Never Machine
  1. The Sceptre
  2. Zodiac City
  3. The Whispering
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