Austrian Black Metal iconoclasts KARG stream the entirety of their highly anticipated fifth album, "Weltenasche" - set for international release on November 14th via Art of Propaganda. For a decade now, this Austrian entity has been crafting awe-inspiring ambient-oriented black metal, and "Weltenasche" is KARG's most daring and defiant record yet, guaranteed to simultaneously satisfy and antagonize black metal purists as well as lure a wide swath of extreme-music listeners.

At long last, we have KARG's fifth album, "Weltenasche": the conclusion of all the albums and songs recorded until now. "Weltenasche" is the first KARG opus which is lyrically completely performed in the dialect J.J. grew up with and which is spoken around the mountains of his hometown. Although highly influenced by post-rock and hardcore, "Weltenasche" is still a black metal record at heart - even though it's far from what purists would call "black metal." But KARG has always been a band of individualists, for individualists, and always will be..

"Weltenasche" track listing:

  1. Crevasse
  1. Alles wird in Flammen stehen
  2. Le Couloir des Ombres
  3. Tor zu tausend Wüsten
  4. Spuren im Schnee
  5. Solange das Herz schlägt..
  6. ...und blicke doch mit Wut zurück
  7. MMXVI/Weltenasche
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