Norwegian Black Metal ensemble SARKOM have revealed another song from their upcoming album "Anti-Cosmic Art", planned for release on December 2nd via Dark Essence Records. Listen to "Previous Associates, Now As Targets For The Gun" below.

Titled "Anti-Cosmic Art", the seven-track album was originally intended to mark the band's tenth anniversary, but was delayed due to a combination of personal and technical difficulties that often beset bands and skew carefully laid release plans. Which, as it happens, worked out for the best, because it gave the band time to rethink, and produce an album that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that SARKOM is a long way from being a "one trick pony", as is often the case on the black metal scene.

Featuring guest appearances from Alfahanne's Pehr Skjoldhammer, and guitar virtuosos Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT, Roquefire) and Peter Huss (Shining), as well as former SARKOM member Sagstad (Trollfest), and with artwork by Spectrvm Lvsitani.

Founder and frontman Unsgaard (So Much For Nothing), Sgt V (ex-Svarttjern) on bass, Thrawn (ex-Dødheimsgard) on guitar and Defest (Svarthaueg) on drums, have made full use of the unique, crushingly dark sound that is SARKOM’s trademark, and have come up with an album that ranges from icy, old school black metal, to more experimental tracks. Brutally catchy, guitar-driven, and featuring blast beats from hell, "Anti-Cosmic Art" demonstrates perfectly that Sarkom have no problems stepping out of their comfort zone, or of appealing to a wider audience.

"Anti-Cosmic Art" track listing:

  1. Previous Associates, Now as Targets for the Gun
  1. Mind-Abscess
  2. Ruiners of Our Family Tree
  3. Seen Through the Eyes of a Paedophile Priest
  4. Come, Dear Cancer
  5. Black Metal Necrophilia
  6. Sodomy and Lust (Sodom cover)
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