Thrashing Canadians MORTILLERY released a video for the title track of their third album "Shapeshiter", which was released in May via Napalm Records. Watch the video directed by Lindsay Robinson below.

MORTILLERY vocalist Cara McCutchen told BraveWords recently: "My influences are all over the place. I'm sure that's why my vocals are a bit of a shit mix. I get bored easily so I really need to be able to have variety. I think my vocals in the song "Shapeshifter" really captures my power metal/black metal/thrash metal influences."

A recent press release states: "MORTILLERY are geared up, charged and ready to attack with speedy heavy metal madness! MORTILLERY stand out with their holocaustic riffage, raw energy and dynamic female vocals. Drawing influence from a wide range of artists such as Judas Priest, Death Angel, Detente, Warfare and Holy Moses, the unstoppable force of MORTILLERY is reminiscent of the glory days of Bay Area Thrash, as well as the primal aggression of hardcore/punk. Their third album "Shapeshifter" is a ferocious beast drunk on speed, venomous guitar solos and the rabid vocals of Cara McCutchen. This heavy-weight release is the perfect blend between melody and aggression."

"Shapeshifter" track listing:

  1. Radiation Sickness
  1. Age of Stone
  2. Bullet
  3. Mantis
  4. Black Friday
  5. Wendigo
  6. At the Gates
  7. Torture
  8. Shapeshifter
  9. Patient Zero
  10. Neckbreaker
  11. Shine (Motörhead cover)
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