Negura Bunget

NEGURĂ BUNGET's new album "ZI" is the second part of the group's ambitious Transilvanian Trilogy, released on the heels of 2015's celebrated album, "TAU", a record accurately hailed as "earthshaking" as it focused on unique native, natural landscapes and the mystique, legends, lore and meanings behind them. The new album will be out September 30th via Prophecy Productions. Take a look at their new video for "Stanciu Gruiul" below.

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"ZI" track listing:

  1. Tul-ni-că-rînd (Horn-ing)
  1. Grădina stelelor (Garden of Stars)
  2. Brazdă dă foc (Furrow of Fire)
  3. Baciul Moșneag (The Old Shepherd)
  4. Stanciu Gruiul (Stanciu Gruiul)
  5. Marea Cea Mare (The Vast Sea)
Negura Bunget album