Norwegian record label Dark Essence Records have added another band to their rapidly growing roster by inking a deal with Norwegian veterans ATROX, and are set to release the band's fifth full length album "Monocle". A release date as yet to be announced.

Commenting on joining Dark Essence's roster and giving an insight into what to expect from the result of ATROX's return to the studio after an eight year break, the band had this to say: "It's finally happening, the moment we all have been waiting for, the moment when all the hard work finally pays off... We're proud to announce that we have joined forces with Dark Essence Records, and together we will release our next album, "Monocle".

" "Monocle" is our darkest album so far. During the process of creating and recording it we explored, and were exposed to, our darker selves, and what we encountered during this process almost killed us. It left us in a dystopian vacuum and all worn out, but with one hell of a piece of music to present to the world.

"Musically speaking, "Monocle" contains poisons that'll blind you, and poisons that'll open your eyes. As William Gibson says in his novel Neuromancer: ‘The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed’."

Formed in Trondheim, Norway, in 1988 the band was originally called Suffocation, but for obvious reasons the name was changed to ATROX in 1990. Having spent their first years playing an atmospheric mix of death and doom metal, recording demos and honing their live skills, ATROX's first release was the 1996 EP "Silence Of Echoes", which was followed by a further four full length albums and numerous live appearances including several tours and festivals.

Today's lineup of Rune Folgerø on vocals, viNd on guitars, Rune Sørgård on guitars and technology, Tor Arne Helgesen on drums and Erik Paulsen on bass plays what they like to call "schizo metal", which differs from their original sound, being more melodic and with an experimental/avant-garde edge.

The time-lapse video of Finnmark and North Troms (Norway), photographed and edited by Randulf Valle, and using ATROX's "Den Store Hvite Stillhet" (The Great White Silence) as a soundtrack can be seen below: