Finnish Old-school Thrashers BLOODRIDE will release their third album "Planet Alcatraz" via Inverse Records on November 25th.

On this album anger and frustration has risen to new level which can be seen on lyrical themes. The stupidity and selfishness of mankind gets loads of verbal hits this time. Musically these assaults are very hard and brutal but sometimes catchy.

The album was recorded at Peter´s Cross Studios by Petteri Lammassaari and was mixed and mastered by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio. The artwork for the album was done by Niko Bauer from PoorAndStarving.

"Planet Alcatraz" track listing:

  1. S.O.B.
  1. Planet Alcatraz
  2. War in Me
  3. Beyond Repair
  4. All We Deserve
  5. Baptizing Demons
  6. Grave Is Calling
  7. Rat Racer
  8. Storm Under My Skin
  9. Marching Off to War
Bloodride album