Dutch Symphonic Metallers EPICA have released a video for the song "Edge Of The Blade". The track is taken from the band's upcoming album "The Holographic Principle"which will be released on September 30 via Nuclear Blast.

EPICA's Coen Janssen (synths, piano): "Finally another video! We are very happy with the way it turned out! It gives a glimpse on what to expect from our upcoming live shows, so watch it a few times because I'm expecting to see you sing along with it soon!"

EPICA singer Simone Simons recently told Metal-Rules.com about the lyrical themes covered on "The Holographic Principle": "It isn't a concept CD as the story is not in a chronological order of events from beginning to the end. Some songs deviate from the idea.

""The Holographic Principle" is, basically, that we are living in a hologram. With the new technology and virtual reality glasses we realize reality is generated so perfectly that you can no longer tell the difference, so can reality also be a hologram?"

Simone also talked about the production on "The Holographic Principle" and how important it is get the right sound when it comes to symphonic metal. She said: "I think the sonics would be equally important to any band, not just a symphonic metal band like us. Every band wants to songs to sound the best they possibly can on the CD. That is why you have to record parts a million times in order for them to come as perfect as possible.

"When it came time for recording my vocals, our producer said that he doesn't want to overdo it as we don't want to lose the emotion in my vocals. That is something you cannot fix in editing.

"Overall, production-wise, we went bigger, because we recorded with more instruments as we had a good budget to finance it. We were in the studio for about five months recording. The writing took about a year; we had 27 songs to choose from when we were done. Then we had to narrow it down to 18 songs, which we recorded and mixed. Twelve went to the CD and the remaining six are in the corner waiting patiently to be released."

The cover artwork for the new album was created by Stefan Heilemann.

"The Holographic Principle" track listing:

  1. Eidola
  1. Edge Of The Blade
  2. A Phantasmic Parade
  3. Universal Death Squad
  4. Divide And Conquer
  5. Beyond The Matrix
  6. Once Upon A Nightmare
  7. The Cosmic Algorithm
  8. Ascension - Dream State Armageddon
  9. Dancing In A Hurricane
  10. Tear Down Your Walls
  11. The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding Of Reality
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