New Jersey thrash veterans OVERKILL recently announced their upcoming eighteenth album "The Grinding Wheel", which will be released on February 10th via Nuclear Blast. And to deliver another crushing thrash inferno right before Christmas, the band now unleashes its new lyric video for the wild hymn "Mean, Green, Killing Machine".

Vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth states: "Lets keep this rolling, "Mean, Green, Killing Machine", the opening track - brand new, from us to you! Bang thy head."

"The Grinding Wheel" was produced by the band and mixed by Andy Sneap (Testament, Exodus). The artwork was created again by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, etc.).

Ellsworth recently told Patch.com about OVERKILL's decision to title its forthcoming album "The Grinding Wheel": "When we were looking for a title, when you think in terms of the word 'grind,' you think of something that is relentless and doesn't wear down, whether it be an old stone mill or something metallic where sparks are flying through it. It's about an all-purpose tool through all time. It's a good, quality OVERKILL record."

Regarding the musical direction of the follow-up to 2014's "White Devil Armory", Ellsworth told Alternative Nation: "At the end of the day, OVERKILL is OVERKILL. Our trademark is that we are always recognizable on every release. For the three decades we have been around, we were always OVERKILL. So, sure, it is a metal record, and like always, it will have sort of a thrash vibe to it with some melody in it."

"The Grinding Wheel*" track listing:

  1. Mean Green Killing Machine
  1. Goddamn Trouble
  2. Our Finest Hour
  3. Shine On
  4. The Long Road
  5. Let's All Go to Hades
  6. Come Heavy
  7. Red White and Blue
  8. The Wheel
  9. The Grinding Wheel
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