Having just completed their year-long Condition Human world tour, heavy metal icons QUEENSRŸCHE have released a new music video for their song "Bulletproof".

Speaking about the story behind the track as well as the new video, vocalist Todd La Torre comments: " "Bulletproof" is a journey through a relationship gone bad, however painful the relationship is you still find a way to persevere. We elected to present the song in a live setting as a sharp contrast to the videos we've done for the "Condition Human" album to help bring this chapter to a close and start the next journey."

The band recently released a visceral music video for their song "Hellfire", which spotlights Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 desaster in 2014.

Speaking about the influence and subject matter for the new video, vocalist Todd La Torre states: " "Hellfire" is a depiction primarily based on the tragic events surrounding the Malaysian airline flight MH17. Despite the storyline's foundation, the lyrical and visual narrative transcends into other pertinent, global subject matters. Civil unrest, guerrilla warfare, media propaganda, and social inequalities are just some examples of the multifaceted issues marbled throughout "Hellfire". A poignant illustration of an unfortunate yet timeless reality."

"Condition Hüman" track listing:

  1. Arrow of Time	
  1. Guardian
  2. Hellfire
  3. Toxic Remedy
  4. Selfish Lives
  5. Eye9
  6. Bulletproof
  7. Hourglass
  8. Just Us
  9. All There Was
  10. The Aftermath
  11. Condition Hüman
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