Australian Black Metal duo RUINS are preparing their Listenable Records debut and fifth overall "Undercurrent", due out on October 28th.

Formed in 2002, RUINS are from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. They blend ominous dark-death metal dynamics; powerful, menacing, melancholic, yet eerily seductive Black Metal styles; diverse and intense rhythmic structures; and both venomous and summoning vocal presence.

The writing/recording nucleus of RUINS consists of guitarist/vocalist Alex Pope, formerly of the post-punk noise-rockers Sea Scouts; and drummer Dave Haley, currently also drumming with Psycroptic. Both have also recorded and performed with The Amenta, and various other groups and projects over the last decade. Dave’s brother Joseph Haley is delivering the darkest riffs on the new album.

Pre-orders are available here

The band states: “The new album "Undercurrent" is a new beginning. A reexamination of the thematics in which we have worked for the first four albums. Ruins have achieved a higher order of refinement, after nearly three years in production. As the title suggests, it presents an ominous and foreboding sense, looming within a strict and powerful framework.”

"Undercurrent" track listing:

  1. Shadow of a Former Self
  1. Crossroads
  2. Rites of Spring
  3. The Fires of the Battlefields to Survive
  4. Certainty the Adversary
  5. Undercurrent
  6. Filled with Contempt
  7. Symbols from Intent
Ruins album