Dutch Blackened Death Doom Metallers SOULBURN have released their third studio album "Earthless Pagan Spirit" via Century Media Records and to celebrate have launched the new song "Withering Nights".

Vocalist and bassist Twan van Geel checked in with the following comment about the track: " "Withering Nights" is the fifth track of our new album "Earthless Pagan Spirit" and most likely my personal favourite. Accompanied with the enchanted vocals done by Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories), this song just has this ‘hard to describe’ kind a mystic touch to it. This song alone already represents the three words used as the title for the album. For it is that moment when you embrace your death that you’ll live your life the fullest. It’s in these "Withering Nights" that make the darkness come to life in its most vivid form. It’s that bite from the forbidden fruit that shares with you its boundless wisdom. It’s in the harmony of chaos and the knowledge of dying when true peace is found. It stands eternally in dialogue with the godless foreverness…It is your "Earthless Pagan Spirit"."

The album’s initial CD pressing comes packaged in a slipcase and contains the bonus track "The Last Monument Of God". Furthermore the album will also be available as Gatefold LP on 180gr. vinyl as either black or strictly limited golden (100x via CM Webshop) or clear (200x via CM Distro) colour editions and of course as Digital Download.

Order "Earthless Pagan Spirit" here

Following up 2014’s "The Suffocating Darkness", the new album was recorded in The Netherlands at Harrow Studio as well as Double Noise Studio and then mixed and mastered by Magnus "Devo" Andersson at Endarker Studio Sweden (Marduk, Ofermod). The album’s cover artwork can be seen below.

"Earthless Pagan Spirit" track listing:

  1. Where Splendid Corpses Are Towering Towards the Sun 
  1. The Blood Ascendant
  2. Howling at the Heart of Death
  3. As Cold as Heavens Slain
  4. Withering Nights
  5. The Torch
  6. Spirited Asunder
  7. Diary of a Reaper
  8. The Last Monument of God (bonus track)
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