Finland's most ancient purveyors of doom metal, SPIRITUS MORTIS are back with a vengeance! And now they stream the entirety of their highly anticipated new album "The Year is One", set for international release on November 11th via Svart Records. Listen to "The Year is One" below.

Seven years have passed since SPIRITUS MORTIS' previous offering, "The God Behind The God", also their first featuring ex-Reverend Bizarre vocalist Albert Witchfinder. Now on their fourth album, "The Year Is One" is a mirror to your childhood's occult fantasies. It is what you thought you heard when listening to your favorite headbanging music - even though those bands actually sang about sex and drugs and driving fast cars, whereas "The Year is One"' material really does deal with black magic and necrophilia. It is as heavy and evil as one can get without slipping away from the world of pure old-school heavy metal.

Prepared with the kind of passion and time-consuming concentration that is fitting of the doom metal genre, "The Year Is One" was several years in the making, and the dedication is palpably present in the music. The band's roots in Dio-era Sabbath sounds are there, but the men play with a heavy-handed yet melodic vigor rather unusual in the genre. Albert Witchfinder's voice carries a newfound joy of expression, and he delivers his bedtime stories about demon summoning and corpse violation as if possessed by evil genius.

Svart Records will release this work of supreme darkness on November 11th on CD, digital, and double vinyl. In the meantime, stream the entirety of "The Year Is One" below!

"The Year Is One" track listing:

  1. Robe of Ectoplasm
  1. I am a Name on Your Funeral Wreath
  2. Babalon Working
  3. Jesus Christ, Son of Satan
  4. Holiday in the Cemetery
  5. She Died a Virgin
  6. Black Magic, White Powder
  7. World of No Light