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Greek thrash metal force SUICIDAL ANGELS released their new album "Division Of Blood" on May 27th via NoiseArt Records. Now the band presents the official video for the track "Image Of The Serpent".

The clip was created by students at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program.

Directors: Brandon Chung & Aonghas Shearer-Boyd

Animators: Veronika Aifeld, Laura Battista, Constance Boyce, Sean Carter, Kangsun Cho, Brandon Chung, Bonita Colles, Toby Garrow, Skye Henwood, Dylan Langmaid, Saskia Milledge, Thomas Murray, Madison Palmieri, Jaidon Powell, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd

Producers Aaron McLoughlin & Simon Norton spent around 3,000 hours with their team to create the vdeo.

The band states: "What an honor it is, when a piece of your music becomes the project of work from some students, obviously really talented, in the other side of the world! An absolutely killer animated video for the song "Image Of The Serpent", from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia which gives another view and different approach to the world of animation. Thank you very much guys, best of success to anything you do in the future!"

"Division Of Blood" track listing:

  1. Capital of War
  1. Division of Blood
  2. Eternally to Suffer
  3. Image of the Serpent
  4. Set the Cities on Fire
  5. Frontgate
  6. Bullet in the Chamber
  7. Cold Blood Murder
  8. Of Thy Shall Bring the Light
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