Dutch icy cold Black Metal band TARNKAPPE has finished up a freezing video for their new track "Winterwaker" from their upcoming album "Winterwaker". The winter landscapes in the video fit the song perfectly. This song shows TARNKAPPE go down the path of grim and cold black metal, not progressive, not emotional, not innovative... but pure at heart.

With a crushing and intense sound TARNKAPPE’s 2nd album, titled "Winterwaker" will be released December 2016 via Hammerheart Records.

"Winterwaker" translates as Winter Guardian, he who watches/guards over winter... Winter never felt this cold.

Pre-order "Winterwaker" here

"Winterwaker" track listing:

  1. Bodemkruiper
  1. Aan de aarde bebonden
  2. De bekroning
  3. Eeuwig onheil
  4. Winterwaker
  5. Kale vlakten, desolatie
  6. De hal van het geheugen
  7. Hogere machten
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