As a perfect black metal soundtrack for this winter; TARNKAPPE's new album "Winterwaker". Cold, grim and frozen... but it has all the trademarks of a classic to be, reminding how good early '90s black metal, but still sounding like it is 2016.

This will freeze your veins and is a mandatory check if you like: Darkthrone, Kjeld, MGLA, Burzum. The band is streaming the album in full below.

With a crushing and intense sound TARNKAPPE’s second album "Winterwaker" will be released this month on CD, MC, LP and digital. "Winterwaker" translates as "Winter Guardian", he who watches/guards over winter... winter never felt this cold.

"Winterwaker" track listing:

  1. Bodemkruiper
  2. Aan de aarde bebonden
  3. De bekroning
  4. Eeuwig onheil
  5. Winterwaker
  6. Kale vlakten, desolatie
  7. De hal van het geheugen
  8. Hogere machten

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