The official lyric video for "Brotherhood Of The Snake", the title track of the twelfth album from San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal veterans TESTAMENT, can be seen below. The CD will be released on October 28 via Nuclear Blast.

"Brotherhood Of The Snake" was recorded under the watchful eyes of producer Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Machine Head), guitarist Eric Peterson and singer Chuck Billy; it was mixed and mastered by well-known metal producer Andy Sneap (Accept, Megadeth).

Peterson: "It's very diverse, but it's very epic. There's nothing on there that breeds commercial. And I think for thirty years of recording music and trying different formulas and stuff, I think we've found a formula that is very metal. I think for the metal fan that is looking for something for the nook and crannies… not just your normal, 'Oh, it's got a thrash beat and a riff.' There's a lot going on here."

In another interview the songwriter stated: "It's different. This one is more thrash. I mean, this has got some of the fastest stuff that we have ever played. Usually, we have one or two thrash songs, and then we have some mid-tempo, and then we have a slow, heavy one, and then up-tempo kind of stuff. Half of the new record is thrash, which we've never done before."

He continued: *"It's kind of like "Demonic" and "The Gathering", but a little bit wiser, I think. Chuck's not singing so death. I mean, he does some death stuff but he's singing more like he did on the last record and then with the craziness of "The Gathering" or even heavy stuff like "Demonic"."

"Brotherhood Of The Snake" track listing:

  1. Brotherhood of the Snake 
  1. The Pale King
  2. Stronghold
  3. Seven Seals
  4. Born in a Rut
  5. Centuries of Suffering
  6. Neptune's Spear
  7. Black Jack
  8. Canna-Business
  9. The Number Game
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