German Black Metal cult THRON reveal a new video for "Purified in Fire". The track hails from the band's highly anticipated self-titled debut album, set for international release on January 20th, 2017 via Clavis Secretorvm. Formed in 2015 as a project of experienced, devoted musicians from German bands in the Black Forest region, THRON's initial goals were to play authentic black/death in the spirit of the early to mid '90s, when metal wasn't watered down yet. And with THRON, the quintet have accomplished exactly that: an iron-fisted attack of ancient energy, both pure and classicist in intent yet never kowtowing to "retro" cliché. See/hear the band's new video THRON's opening track "Purified in Fire" below.

Whether you qualify THRON's attack as blackened death metal or deathened black metal, it matters not, for the results speak for themselves - and loudly. In many ways, you could slot Thron alongside the early works of Dissection, Unanimated, Edge of Sanity, Sacramentum, Necrophobic, and Unpure among others: not so much in that the quintet mimic those bands' styles exactly, but more in that THRON find that elusive, cold-yet-hot symbiosis between songwriting and atmosphere, from the days when heavy metal's blackest fires were first being forged (and those fires soon consumed churches). Muscular without losing any witchy evil, uniquely produced to heighten this duality, and featuring rabid performances by each player, THRON proves that the past is alive!

"Thron" track listing:

  1. Purified in Fire
  1. Satan's Speech
  2. The Blacklist
  3. Orphaned by the Undertaker
  4. Mutilation of the Unholy
  5. Bloodfeast
  6. The Evilution of Satan
  7. Blackest Hell
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