Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Baltimore, Maryland's punishing Black Metal act UNENDLICH, and are set to release their new album entitled "Scales Of Existence" on October 28th on CD and digital formats.

A description reads: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome UNENDLICH to the roster with the malevolent new album Scales Of Existence. Hailing from the wasteland that is Baltimore, Maryland, UNENDLICH is the sole creation of of multi-instrumentalist Michael Connors Jr., whose writing style retains the chaotic aggression of Black Metal balanced by injecting melody throughout his works.

"Scales Of Existence" is a journey seen through a nihilistic existence, the vices used to cope, and the resulting aftermath. UNENDLICH appropriately means "infinite / without end" in German, and is a brutal barrage of Black Metal full of memorable riffs and precise drumming. "Scales Of Existence" is also charged with a palpable, raw anger due to a sudden and unexpected death occurring during the album's creation.

Pre-order "Scales of Existence" here

"Scales of Existence" track listing:

  1. When It's Too Late
  1. Parasadistic
  2. Transparent Man
  3. I Despair
  4. Way of All Flesh
  5. Dethroned
  6. Exsanguination
  7. Destroyer
  8. Rearranged to Be Broken
  9. Pillars of Decay 
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