Hváll of Norwegian Black Metallers VREID has released the following update:

" "Når Byane Brenn" is one of the strongest songs we have ever written, The response is intense when we play this song live, and I am sure it will be a regular part of our live set for years. The song has actually been around for years. The first ideas for this song popped up when I wrote the "Milorg" album. It's been haunting me ever since, but when I wrote the Sólverv album the puzzle became complete."

The video was produced by Einar Loftesnes, and was shot in the wilds of Sogn, VREID's home county.

VREID venture back to their roots on their seventh album, titled "Sólverv", which was released through Indie Recordings on October 9th, 2015.

Hváll: " "Sólverv" is not just another album, this is the definition of our lives and heritage. We share a bond since our childhood days, and the fire burns stronger than ever. We strive for the timeless, and through our music we lose track of time."

"Sólverv" track listing:

  1. Haust
  1. Sólverv
  2. Geitaskadl
  3. Ætti sitt fjedl
  4. Når byane brenn
  5. Storm frå vest
  6. Fridom med daudens klang
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