Long-running Colombian thrash cult WITCHTRAP stream the entirety of their latest album "Trap the Witch". Originally released at the end of last year in a small pressing for the band's native Colombia, Hells Headbangers is now releasing WITCHTRAP's "Trap the Witch" on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape formats this Friday, November 11th. Listen to "Trap the Witch" in its entirety below.

"Trap the Witch" is perhaps the penultimate WITCHTRAP experience. The foundation of Endless Pain-meets-Evil Invaders is as firm as ever, but on this fourth album, the power-trio bring out the latent rock 'n' roll feeling that informed so much early thrash and speed metal. And, perhaps now more than ever, they also bring out the EVIL, as such "Trap the Witch" titles as "The Subtle Touch of Fire", "Brimstone in the Air", "Don't Lift the Curse" and of course, the title track itself will attest to. Recorded once again at their trusty Dirty Studios, WITCHTRAP get their clearest and most powerful production to date, all without losing their characteristic grit 'n' grime.

"Trap The Witch" track listing:

  1. Lemmy
  1. Disciple Of Death
  2. Power Of The Maul
  3. Brimstone In The Air
  4. The Subtle Touch Of Fire
  5. Don't Lift The Curse
  6. Hard Thrashing Mania
  7. Trap The Witch
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