Singaporean grindcore trio WORMROT are streaming the new track "God’s In His Heaven", featured on their new album, "Voices", out worldwide on October 14th via Earache Records. Listen to the new song below.

The new album is the first to feature WORMROT’s new drummer, Vijesh, who brings a fresh and fitting sound to one of the most original bands in the grindcore scene. Combined with Rasyid's godlike grind riffage and Arif's distinct vocals switching effortlessly between deep guttural growls and rasping screams, the band's third full-length goes far beyond expectations from a band that already can seemingly do no wrong.

"Voices" track listing:

  1. Blockhead Fuck Off
  1. Hollow Roots
  2. Exit Fear
  3. God's in His Heaven
  4. Oblivious Mess
  5. Descending into the Unknown
  6. Dead Wrong
  7. Fallen into Disuse
  8. The 1st World Syndrome
  9. Shallow Standards
  10. Fake Moral Machine
  11. Forced Siege
  12. Take Aim
  13. Still Irrelevant
  14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind
  15. Compassion Is Dead
  16. Buried the Sun
  17. Defaced
  18. The Face of Disgrace
  19. Outworn
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