New RAMMSTEIN album spring 2019

VOCIFERATION rammstein 2018.jpg

German Industrial Metal giants RAMMSTEIN published two pictures of the recording of their upcoming seventh album. Guitarist Paul Landers stated that a release is planned for spring 2019.

In a recent interview with Musik Radar, RAMMSTEIN guitarist Paul Landers reported how far the band had progressed with the work on the successor to “LIEBE IST FÜR ALLE DA”:

"At the moment it looks like we can release the record in spring. The pre-production phase was collaborative: we were all together in the same room playing.

When we noticed that it sounds very good, we decided to record the album this way: As a community recording of the band, instead of each of them recording their own parts in a room.

Let's see how it turns out, but the idea behind it is simply that we - inspired by our live sound - want to listen to the songs, that they are played by the musicians together".

In Minsk, the capital of Belarus, choir and orchestra recordings for the band's seventh studio album are currently being completed. RAMMSTEIN commented on the two black-and-white recordings in their Facebook article.


Till Lindemann - Vocals
Richard Z. Kruspe - Guitars
Paul Landers- Guitars
Oliver Riedel - Bass
Christian Lorenz - Keyboards
Christoph Schneider - Keyboards