MINISTRY presents "Twilight Zone" video

VOCIFERATION ministry.jpg

Amerikkkan Industrial metal pioneers MINISTRY have releases a surreal and provocative new music video for the track "Twilight Zone" from the band's upcoming album, "AmeriKKKant", due out March 9 via Nuclear Blast. Building upon the themes of the song, the "Twilight Zone" video takes the viewer on a macabre excursion through the current U.S. news media climate of misinformation, corporate propaganda and hypocritical slander.

"We are in completely uncharted territory now," said MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen, "witnessing the unraveling of what was once a functional democracy. Our government is under attack. Our planet is under attack. It's time for a major reboot."

The video was filmed last December just outside of Los Angeles and features MINISTRYguitarists Sin Quirin and Cesar SotoTony Campos (FEAR FACTORYSTATIC-X) on bass, keyboardist John Bechdel (KILLING JOKEFEAR FACTORY), live scratcher DJ Swamp(BECKTHE CRYSTAL METHOD), and Derek Abrams on drums. Guest appearances are made by Gray Wolf, president of American Indian Movement (AIM), the internationally renowned and idiosyncratic Lord of the Cello, and an army of MINISTRY supporters who participated in the band's PledgeMusic "AmeriKKKant" pre-order campaign.

The "Twilight Zone" video was produced by Chris Roth and Steve Roth for The Other House production company, the same group that produced Jourgensen's previous music video, "I'm Invisible", for his 2016 SURGICAL METH MACHINE release. Chris Roth also directed the "Twilight Zone" video with Steve Roth as director of photography and editor. 

Said Chris Roth: "I'm a lifelong fan of the band and very politically active. Not only was this an opportunity to collaborate creatively once again with the one and only Al Jourgensen, but also an outlet for much of my pent-up aggression and frustration regarding the current state of politics in our country."

"AmeriKKKant" track listing:

  1. I Know Words
  2. Twilight Zone
  3. Victims of a Clown
  4. TV5/4Chan
  5. We're Tired of It
  6. Wargasm
  7. Antifa
  8. Game Over
  9. AmeriKKKa