The end of ARCKANUM

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Legendary Swedish underground Black Metal shaman Shamaatae announced the end of ARCKANUM.

Shamaatae stated the following on the ARCKANUM Facebook page: "Den Förstfödde” is Arckanum’s 9th studio album after 25 years of existence, and this will be Arckanum’s final album. It is time for me to move on and I will continue my Thursian journey elsewhere. ”Den Förstfödde” is a dedication to Loki’s and Gullveig’s firstborn, Jörmungandr. The songs are invocations, prayers and magical formulas, and they are designed to enkindle the black flames of Thursian Powers, its followers and Ragnarök. “Blow your venom and stretch your wings, oh Mighty Dragon!”"

The end of ARCKANUM doesn't mean Shamaatae is going to quit everything. For those who are interested in following him in his forthcoming explorations, he can be found under the pseudonym Ekortu.

ARCKANUM's 9th album "Den Förstfödde” was released by FOLTER RECORDS in 2017. 

Buy "Den Förstfödde" HERE.

"Den Förstfödde" track listing:

  1. Den förstfödde
  2. Nedom etterböljorna
  3. Likt Utgårds himmel
  4. Ofjättrad
  5. Ginnmors drott
  6. Låt Fjalarr gala
  7. Du grymme smed
  8. Kittelns beska

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