New CARPATHIAN FOREST EP "Likeim" in April

VOCIFERATION carpathian forest18.jpg

Norwegian Black Metal Sadomasochists CARPATHIAN FOREST are about to release a 7" EP titled "Likeim" on April 13th. It is their first new material in over a decade. This long awaited release consists of the song "Likeim", the first single off their upcoming album, and a cover of TURBONEGRO's epic track "All My Friends are Dead". This EP is CARPATHIAN FOREST's first release since the legendary album "Fuck You All" in 2006.

CARPATHIAN FOREST is currently working in the studio on their full-length album "Likskue - Dødens Arkitekur". The band will play at Inferno Metal Festival 2018 in Oslo, headlining on Sunday, April 1st.

"Likeim" track listing:

Side A:

1. Likeim

Side B:

2. All My Friends are Dead (Turbonegro cover)



Nattefrost - Vocals
Slakt - Bass
Audun - Drums
Malphas - Guitars
Erik Gamle - Guitars