REBAELLIUN guitarist FABIANO PENNA passed away

VOCIFERATION rebaelliun.jpg

Guitarist FABIANO PENNA from Brazilian Death Metal band REBAELLIUN, has passed away February 27th at the age of 42. Penna died of the consequences of a bacterial infection in São Paulo, Brazil. The band had just returned home after a European tour with Pestilence.

The band made the following statement on their Facebook page: "

Dear friends,

Everyone knows that what happened with our brother shook us in an indescribable way. Also indescribable was all the strength that you all have sent us in these last days. The positive energy we received was out of the ordinary. We receive and continue to receive countless messages of comfort, strength and hope, and we only have to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the commotion around Fabiano and what he represented for us all. I apologize for not yet having viewed all post, liked or answered inbox messages. But I ask for everyone's understanding, and I'm sure everyone will understand. As soon as possible I will reply to each message, I will visualize each post. Again, thank you very much for everything and we will continue with force, because I am sure that is what our brother wishes ...