IZEGRIM presents "Beheaded By Trust" lyric video

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Dutch trashing Death Metal troop IZEGRIM is ready to release a new EP "Beheaded By Trust" on March 23. The EP contains four tracks of brutal thrashing Death Metal and were recorded, mixed and mastered in December 2017 at Kohlekeller Studio (ABORTEDBENIGHTED). Cover artwork was created by Kirill Semenov.

Watch the lyric video for the "Beheaded By Trust" title track below.

IZEGRIM vocalist Marloes Voskuil: "This title track of our new EP is all about violating the trust of a friend in the most brutal way you can imagine. In terms of vocals, I tried to crawl inside the skin of someone that got betrayed and raped by a friend. These were the most intense studio sessions I've ever experienced!"

"Beheaded By Trust" is the follow-up to the 2016 album "The Ferryman's End".

This brand-new EP is a huge step forward for IZEGRIM. The songwriting was taken to a whole new level, Marloes delivered her most brutal vocals yet and the mix by KohleKeller Studio is groundbreakingly heavy.

Without the need for what IZEGRIM calls a "silly crowdfunding campaign" or "pricy meet-and-greet sessions," this release will see the light of day as an old-school DIY product. Straight from the band to the fans. This does not mean the collaboration with Listenable Records ended — on the contrary, this EP is a sneak peek of what's to come.

"Beheaded By Trust" track listing:

  1. Beheaded By Trust
  2. Stain In The Bloodline
  3. Retraumatized
  4. Warmonger II
izegrim beheaded by trust

IZEGRIM lineup:

Marloes Voskuil – bass, vocals
Jeroen Wechgelaer – guitars
Bart van Ginkel – guitars
Ivo Maarhuis -drums