New IMMORTAL album "Northern Chaos Gods" album in July

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Norwegian Black Metal beasts IMMORTAL will unleash their first studio album since "All Shall Fall", on July 6th via Nuclear Blast Records. The infamous band from the North has created "Northern Chaos Gods", which takes IMMORTAL back to its roots. The album features eight brand new tracks consisting of 45 minutes of furious speed and ice cold darkness.

IMMORTAL anno 2018 consists of lyricist/guitarist Demonaz and drummer Horgh. The album was produced by Peter Tägtgren (Abyss Studio), who also helmed IMMORTAL's "At The Heart Of Winter""Damned In Black""Sons Of Northern Darkness" and "All Shall Fall" albums.

Demonaz is now also handling the vocals for IMMORTAL following the 2014 split with frontman Olve Eikemo (a.k.a. Abbath).

In addition to Demonaz (vocals, guitar) and Horgh (drums), IMMORTAL's new disc features Tägtgren on session bass.

Demonaz and Horgh state: "We are eternally dedicated to IMMORTAL and our own musical past. The album is conceptual, and the first step in the reclaiming of our past grimness and attitude. Loyalty to the fans and our own musical history is very significant in this. Our new album will soon be available, with songs from the very gates of Blashyrkh — the realm of all darkness and cold."

"We have put a massive amount of energy into this, and wanted to deliver our absolutely best. It has been a pleasure to finish the studio process and most of all being stoked about the final result. Peter Tägtgren has done an outstanding job in producing and mixing it. We now look forward to have it released, and are excited to share our ninth full-length with you all."

IMMORTAL will first release a seven-inch vinyl single of its first new song, the album's title track, "Northern Chaos Gods". It will be available in three different colours and is limited edition. The digital version of the track will be available on May 11, the physical single is out on May 25, in the following editions:

* white vinyl (limited to 500 pieces; mailorder exclusive) 
* red vinyl (limited to 300 pieces; mailorder exclusive)

IMMORTAL in 2016 said that the delay in getting the new music out to the fans was largely a result of the split with Abbath. "From 2010 until 2014, IMMORTAL wrote all the songs for the successor to 'All Shall Fall', but when ex- member Abbath left the band in 2014, he changed the lyrics, songtitles and recorded these songs for his so-called 'solo album,'" Demonaz and Horgh explained. "We had to focus on making a new album nearly from scratch, which is the main reason why things have taken this much time."

IMMORTAL's core trio consisting of AbbathDemonaz and Horgh had been together since 1996 and was responsible for crafting the band's last five albums: "Blizzard Beasts" (1997), "At The Heart Of Winter" (1999), "Damned In Black" (2000), "Sons Of Northern Darkness" (2002) and the 2009 reunion album "All Shall Fall".

"Northern Chaos Gods" album cover


IMMORTAL lineup:

Demonaz - Vocals, Guitars
Horgh - Drums
Peter Tägtgren - Bass (session)