SKELETONWITCH release "Fen Of Shadows" from upcoming album "Devouring Radiant Light"

VOCIFERATION skeletonwitch18.jpg

American Thrashing Death Metal band SKELETONWITCH revealed new song "Fen of Shadows", and they've announced the upcoming release of "Devouring Radiant Light",to be released July 20th via Prosthetic Records. Watch the video for "Fen of Shadows" below.

"Fen of Shadows" is an ambitious, song, undergoing a number of style shifts during its nearly eight-minute run.

Guitarist Scott Hetrick describes the track as "Skeletonwitch 2.0," adding, "The song travels further down the rabbit hole with more elaborate arrangements, layers of wailing guitar and strong dynamic shifts. It's the most fully-formed example of what this band has become. "Fen of Shadows" sets up the theme for the entire record. It's of my belief that in times of turmoil and darkness, we as humans, learn the most about our true selves. If you look within, you will always find light, passion and dedication. To what exactly, is up to the individual. For us, it's creating music together and as individuals."

SKELETONWITCH teamed up with producer Kurt Ballou for their new eight-song album, keeping it concise and tight musically. The artwork and track listing for "Devouring Radiant Light" can be found below.

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SKELETONWITCH will hit the road next month in support of the album, playing shows with Pallbearer and Obituary this spring before venturing off to Europe. See all of the dates here.

"Devouring Radiant Light" track listing:

  1. Fen of Shadows
  2. Where Paradise Fades
  3. Temple of the Sun
  4. Devouring Radiant Light
  5. The Luminous Sky
  6. The Vault
  7. Carnarium Eternal
  8. Sacred Soil


JF - Bass, vocals
AW - Guitars
JR - Guitars
KS - Drums