LAGO release "Soiled Is The Crown" video


US Death Metal group LAGO have released music video for their song "Soiled Is The Crown". The track comes from their upcoming Unique Leader debut "Sea Of Duress" which will be released June 8th.

LAGO about the video, "This was our first experience making a video, so we were VERY apprehensive about the idea.  We tend to have a mentality of ‘less is more’ in terms of our artistic direction, so the fear of doing something over the top and ridiculous was definitely there. This video is honestly the brain child of Matti Way.  We had a really simple idea and he really took it and ran. We were thrilled with how it turned out. The textures, the graininess, the cuts and especially the lighting turned out incredible! This video really encompasses the tone of the whole album in our opinion." Matti Way added, "So what I wanted to do with the video was really bring out Lago's eerie and ominous musical vibes that are interwoven throughout Sea of Duress..."

LAGO's eight track album was recorded by Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler, AZ, mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams), and features artwork by Nate Burns

Vocalist and guitarist Cole Jacobsen on the album, "Sea Of Duress is the next step for Lago in terms of how we're writing. Though the Tampa Bay death metal influences can still be heard, we have definitely stepped outside of our box so to speak. We love and appreciate the pioneer death metal acts, however, we have never approached our lyrics the way a lot of the others have. We tend to write about depression, isolation, and the fear of, and necessity of coping with tyranny. We currently live in a country entrenched in turmoil.  I think a lot of that can be felt in this album. We're thrilled to be releasing this album on Unique Leader Records, and cannot wait for a broader audience to hear what we've created."

"Sea Of Duress" track listing:

  1. Day Of Wrath
  2. A Broken Barrier
  3. Sepulcher
  4. Dead Sun
  5. Soiled Is The Crown
  6. Haze
  7. Effigy
  8. Providence

LAGO lineup:

Cole Jacobsen - Guitars, Vocals
Gus Barr - Guitars
Garrett Thomas - Bass
Neil Koch - Drums