Weekly new track round up

Some new tracks that were put online this past week, that we haven’t managed to pay more attention to until now:

The past is always alive, and its latest present is Geistaz' Ika's Trolddomsejd i skovens dybe kedel. The first wonder to behold is the new track "Når Solen Bløder Rød"

An otherwise-unknown entity hailing from the United States, OLKOTH nevertheless have made waves in the black metal underground with those seek among the genre's most mesmeric and mystical depths. To date, they've released two demos, The Immortal Depths in 2016 and Treasures of Necromancy in 2017, with only the latter making its way onto super-limited cassette format. Listen to new track The Immortal Depths & Treasures of Necromancy right here, right now.

Last track for this week, a track from the album due to be release July 5th on IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, CELESTIAL GRAVE's highly anticipated debut album, Secular Flesh.

James Lancaster-Peat