TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM - New album details disclosed

After a decade of silence, TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM return from the grave with their fourth opus, "Anorexia Obscura", and you can now stream the opening track of the album here : https://youtu.be/79N_y8rf7Fs

Presenting forty minutes of frozen, mystical Black Metal spread across seven diabolical hymns :

1. Dissonanze mentali
2. Anorexia obscura
3. Oscillazione ipnotica profonda
4. L'epoca oscura del caos
5. Nero, oscuro concetto di assoluto
6. Criogenia letale
7. Silicio freddo

Art and design by Antithesis & Cold Poison.

Set for release on August 30th via Debemur Morti Productions, "Anorexia Obscura" is available for pre-order from the label's European shop, North American shop and Bandcamp.

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James Lancaster-Peat